Did Imelda Marcos Took Part in a Haiti Invasion Plan?

In a recent Joe Rogan podcast, Dan Pena, implicated former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos as part of the group that planned invading Haiti.

Dan Pena was a former military officer and a one time Manila resident. He would later make his millions in oil, stocks and running several businesses worldwide. He now runs a self improvement program straight from a 14th century castle in Scotland, his official residence.

It is unclear what was Imelda’s interest in invading Haiti, even Pena’s not sure why she took part in planning and possibly funding the project.

Pena said that he created the plan under Constantine Gratsos, right hand man of the shipping magnate Onassis.

“He (Gratsos), the Vatican, the CIA, Imelda Marcos, and a guy named Talavera (?) of Mobil Oil came up with an idea that they’re gonna invade Haiti, just like what Clinton did 12 years later, OK. For all different reasons, Onassis wanted the shipping of the oil, Mobil wanted the oil, the Vatican wanted more Catholics, CIA wanted not to have the Communists near florida and I don’t know what Imelda was there for, she wasn’t buying shoes or anything, but she was there…”

Dan Pena likes to call himself the 50 Billion Dollar Man

To this date, Philippines military involvement in Haiti has been solely humanitarian. The country has sent military troops (under UN’s MINUSTAH) to the island for more than a decade now.

Pena’s recommendations for invading Haiti fizzled out. He said the Secretary of State at that time pulled the plug. It did not materialize but two decades later, President Clinton authorized an invasion.

Pena presented no documentary proof but his dealing with the CIA and his work as consultant for foreign states.

Why Imelda or any of her associates conspire with Pena and the CIA to invade a foreign country, an island not even in Asia?

Perhaps Madame Imelda, whose children are still in politics, could set the record straight.

Is this true?


Dave Chappelle’s take on emasculated Pinoys and Pacquiao

Dave Chappelle’s back!

In his recent Netflix special explains the legend that is Manny Pacquiao and the reason why Filipino men worships him. “Emasculated” by unemployment and having their overseas wives send money to support the family, Dave explains that Pacquiao somehow restored their manhood “with his fist”!

Dave Chappelle and his family are big Pinoy boxing fans. He flew his kids to Macao in 2013 to see Pacquiao fight Brandon Rios. He once interrupted a Nonito Donaire interview to have a photo with the Filipino pugilist telling him that he’s going to show it to his sons.

Dave Chappelle with wife Elaine and daughter Sonal. Photo by Kris Connor. Stringer Getty

His Fil-Am wife, Elaine Erfe, is from Brooklyn, New York. They live with their kids in their 65 acre farm in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

His Netflix special comes 13 years after the last, “For What It’s Worth”.

Dave Chappelle’s “The Age of Spin” comes in two parts. The Netflix deal is estimated to be worth 60 million.

Here’s Dave’s Pacquiao bit:

I noticed it with that Manny Pacquiao controversy. Yeah, it was– Now, in the gay community’s defense, Manny Pacquiao said some outlandish shit about gay people, very not nice things that I won’t repeat, but there was biblical verses and some analogies to animals. It wasn’t a good look… But if you know what’s popping in the Philippines, you know that they got a whole generation of kids in the Philippines growing up without their mothers. Yes. A lot of women in the Philippines go to the Arabian Peninsula, they come to the United States, they make all their money here, they send all that money back home, which is still one of the number-one staples in the Philippines’ economy– money that the expats send back to the Philippines. The men, on the other hand, are left rearing children, twiddling their thumbs, waiting on their wives’ checks. These men have been fucking emasculated. And then suddenly, a boxer rises from amongst them and reinstates their manhood with his motherfucking fist. This is not the guy you’re supposed to ask, “What do you think of homosexuals?” He’s not your champ!”

Dave Chappelle’s special is now available on Netflix.